Ryan Driller, Karma Rx, Athena Faris & Valentina Nappi

My Favorite Pornstar: Tell us a bit about yourself?

Ryan Driller: Just one super lucky guy, getting to chase my dream and do my thing.

My Favorite Pornstar: How did you create the name?
Ryan Driller: A girl I had hooked up with called me “Ryan” not liking my real name. Then, when I got in the industry, I was told to come up with something that is easy to remember and spell when you’re drunk (as that’s when most people are pulling up porn)

My Favorite Pornstar: What are your stats/measurements?

Ryan Driller: Height 6’1” about 200lbs.

My Favorite Pornstar: What do you enjoy most about being a pornstar?

Ryan Driller: I get to do what I want to do all the time. With great people. 

My Favorite Pornstar: Do you work any other jobs other than being a pornstar?

Ryan Driller: I just launched a food product company. I pick up the occasional modeling gig. I invest my money to work for me, too. Never settle. 

My Favorite Pornstar: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Ryan Driller: I’m happy doing what I love. I would love to see my food products in every grocery store across the country. Maybe even owning a house by that time.

My Favorite Pornstar: What projects do you have set up for the next 6 months?

Ryan Driller: I wish that I could tell you that I have huge projects coming up; but most of my work is booked only a couple weeks out. Occasionally, I get a feature film booked up to a month out. But usually not beyond that. In my experience, that’s just how the industry is. They’ll book the girls far out, but features may not be really even approved by the studio until a week or two before shooting. So, the really big project is the food line. Getting all the crossing every t and dotting every i.

My Favorite Pornstar: What is your favourite sexual position on & off camera & why

Ryan Driller: Depends on the girl. Whichever one really gets her off and going.

My Favorite Pornstar: Which pornstar would you most like to work with?

Ryan Driller: There are so many. Katie Morgan and I have danced around each other and tried to get booked together for years. Maitland Ward has been piquing my interest a lot lately. Would love to shoot again with Madison Ivy.

My Favorite Pornstar: Has another pornstar grossed you out during a shoot & how did you handle it?

Ryan Driller: I don’t really get “grossed out”. I’ve been trained to be a First Responder and know how to provide any form of first aid to someone out in the wilderness. So, there really isn’t anything that “grosses me out.” That being said, there are things that may not necessarily be sexy to some. You just have to ignore the natural body actions that may arise during a shoot. We are working, not trying to date. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t really find blowing my load all over a girl’s face all that sexy. It’s much hotter when I know she genuinely loves it, and gets off on it. But as with most women, you know that’s not the case. But, we do it anyway, and we take it in stride.

Then, there’s the other things, that may kind of teeter toward my previously mentioned training. If there’s something along those lines, we’re calling the scene, as in canceling. I want the girl to be comfortable and look her best. If the camera can see it and it’s not right, then we need to not shoot.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
Are there any sex acts that you haven’t shot yet but want to?

Ryan Driller: I mean, I’d love to shoot in a plane in the air, or SCUBA diving.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
Are there any sex acts that are taboo for you and if so why?

Ryan Driller: I’m not a fan of anything degrading or pain inflicting (as in BDSM stuff). It’s just not my thing. But, if the girl is into it, then I’m pretty much down. I don’t like my butthole played with, but that’s just because it’s very ticklish and distracting.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
What is the funniest thing that’s happened during a shoot?

Ryan Driller: Truth be told, “you had to be there”. We have so much fun on most of the sets that I work on, and the features tend to give us a little more time to kind of joke around, or for instances to happen.

My Favorite Pornstar: There is often a stigma around the adult industry, has this affected you and if it did how did you handle it?
Of course there’s a stigma. I’m a dude, so the stigma isn’t near as negative. That’s not to say that I don’t regularly have conversations with people, that end up turning into the backhanded comment, “Wow, did not expect you to be so …” Like I’m supposed to be some drug addled, unintelligent degenerate.

Ryan Driller: It’s of course closed some doors and makes it so much harder for me and us to break through into other industries or avenues. NewYork Life Insurance refused me from upgrading my plans, that they almost accosted me to upgrade to, because of my career. They didn’t drop my basic life insurance plan, but they definitely let me know how little they thought of me for my work.

I’ve dated women who feel they have to keep me as a total secret, because they don’t want the whispers and discussions from friends and colleagues that may be judgmental of me, or how it could reflect upon them.

On the flip side, I did discover that trying to use, “I do porn” to get people to leave me alone doesn’t work. Every guy wants to ask 100 questions, and most of the girls, at first, are very intrigued about me personally, and flirt harder (thinking that if I do what I do, then I must be endowed enough and really know enough, to pleasure them correctly). So, at least that’s flattering.

As for handling it, I just do my thing. I genuinely give it no thought. Take it or leave it, but I’m not changing and if you’re not going to be accepting and normal around me, then I don’t want anything to do with you.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
What is the weirdest thing that you’ve been asked to do during a shoot?

Ryan Driller: Eye of the beholder.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
Do you get recognized when you’re out & how do your fans react?

Ryan Driller: Not usually. I have this discussion with people all the time. For the most part, people don’t want to say anything to me, because they kind of admit that they touch themselves when looking at me. Or at least, that’s kind of the self-conscious look I see come across their face when that moment of recognition hits. If I’m in a place that could and would be totally anonymous: the airport, international; then they’ll come up and say “hi, love your work!”. Very friendly and kind.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
What is the most difficult thing about being a pornstar?

Ryan Driller: You have to be ready and “on” at all times. Meaning, you can’t get in your head when you get to set. You have to be able to perform in front of the whole crew, and cast, in whatever situation.
You have to have your body at that prime training level. You’re going to essentially run a marathon, or an obstacle course, if you will, for the better portion of an hour, in less than favorable conditions, for the scene. The reward and nice thing is that you’re having sex with great people.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
If you weren’t shooting adult videos what would you be doing?

Ryan Driller:  Well, as mentioned, I’ve launched a food product line. So, I’d be doing that. Or running a kitchen somewhere or an adventure outfitter. I’d be doing everything and whatever I love.

Mazzy Grace & Ryan Driller
Mazzy Grace & Ryan Driller

My Favorite Pornstar: What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into the industry?

Ryan Driller: 1- Give it a very good long thought. Once you shoot that one scene, EVERYONE you know is going to see it and have their own opinion of it. Be ready for that discussion with EVERYONE.
2- NEVER ask a performer to help you get in. We have virtually no control over the scenes and who gets to shoot. Rarely, a girl is able to specifically request a guy for her scene. RARELY. Even then, for the company, that guy still has to have some previous experience.
3- Don’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with. Ever.
4- If you really want to get in, talk with the agents and producers.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
How do you keep in shape? Are there any specific exercises or routines that you complete?

Ryan Driller: I work out with a coach 5 days a week, at 6am. We work full body all the time, but not a lift. It’s all compound movements. This keeps me limber and able to handle and hold myself for work however I may need. Plus, it trains my body to be in the best shape it can be. I hike Runyon just about every single day. (It’s a 4.25mi loop from my house).
I eat “clean” mostly.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
What hobbies & interests do you have outside of the adult industry?

Ryan Driller: I love to cook, check out the sites and travel. I love amusement parks, the beach, the mountains. I like to hang out with friends and family. 

My Favorite Pornstar: Do you use sex toys? If so which ones?

Ryan Driller: Typically, no. I have enjoyed a Fleshlight here and there over the years, though.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
To date which porn scene are you most proud of & why?

Ryan Driller: All of them. I’m proud of every scene that I’ve ever shot.

My Favorite Pornstar: 
Do you watch porn? If so what type?

Ryan Driller: Occasionally. If I do, it tends to be these faceless “Tinder Date” labeled scenes, or there’s a couple that is outdoors in what appears to be AZ a bit. They’re great shots, with people with great chemistry. Or I’ll catch some of the German scenes. I think just because, I don’t know anyone in them or the production behind it.

My Favorite Pornstar: If you were interviewing a pornstar what would you ask them? & answer this question

Ryan Driller: Depends on the star. Of course, there’s “what Turns You On?” And “what do you want to do with your career?” Even though we get asked most of these questions every single day, and a simple google search will pull up the answers. I know so many of the stars, so in interviewing them, I’d be asking things that I kind of knew they were getting into, or enjoyed doing. I’d be doing what I could to keep the fantasy alive, too, by avoiding certain questions and topics.

My Favorite Pornstar: What really turns you on?

Ryan Driller: I really get off on the situation at hand. I love when I woman lets loose and chasing exactly what she wants, uninhibited, purely carnal. The subtlety also is great, a side boob, the curve of her hip/butt when she’s aroused, the gentle touch in very erogenous places.

My Favorite Pornstar: Thanks for answering all of our questions, who would you like to nominate to answer these questions for a future interview with us?

Ryan Driller: Katie Morgan, Maitland Ward, and Madison Ivy are a few I can think of.

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