Tell us a bit about yourself?

Eva Long: I was born in Newton KS, and at age 1 1/2 my mother and I drove back to home town of Freeport IL, where I lived in small towns in the area until 15. I was a tom boy, climbing trees, making forts, and helping on the farm. I moved to Chino Valley AZ when I was 15, where I finished High school.

What are your stats/measurements?

Eva Long: 34C-24-32 height 5’3″ weight 101 lbs.

How did you start within the industry?

Eva Long: I answered an add reqruiting girls for The Vip-Connect agency. Took some test shots, which were sent to Shy Love operator of the agency. Her and I spoke and she signed me to the agency, within 5 days I had my 1st job for Pure Mature.

How did you create the name?

Eva Long: My name was created, because my husband had always thought I resembled Eva Longoria so we dropped the goria and that was it!

What do you enjoy most about being a pornstar?

Eva Long: I enjoy sex of course. As I’ve come upon being in the industry 5 years, I really love dialogue, having the awareness of camera angles, and just the overall knowledge of creating the scene!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Eva Long: I have a strong belief of living in the moment. I strive for happiness and peace in my life. I feel I achieve that best when I stay very much in the exact moment. Each day I give thanks to the day, and tell myself I am aligned with my best self. To the future I say today I will be my best self therefore the future will embody that and more.

What's your favorite sexual position on & off camera & why?

Eva Long: My favorite sexual position on and off camera is missionary! Why? I need and love eye contact!

Which pornstar would you most like to work with?

Eva Long: I have worked with a ton of amazing performers both male and female. I desire to always work with passionate sweet people no specifics!

Have you ever been grossed out during a shoot, and if so how did you handle it?

Eva Long: I have been slightly grossed out, however that is harsh lol…I’ll just say someone let one rip on me by accident while filming we just pushed through!

Are there any sex acts that you want to shoot?

Eva Long: I have shot everything I could of ever desired and more!

Has the stigma around the adult industry affected you?

Eva Long: The many stigmas about the adult industry have in moments affected me, because I am human. However every time I work and look at myself and my own behaviors any doubt or negativity dissolves. All people in all walks of life, on any “status” level have weaknesses that allow them to operate on a low level. Behavior comes directly from the individuals choices therefore I am just as likely to be considered a saint as an actual saint, it’s my choice. I will say most performers are healthy, kind, and conscious people though.

What's the weirdest thing that you’ve been asked to do during a shoot?

Eva Long: Weirdest thing I’ve been asked to do on set. Hmmm Jade Nile and I were asked to fuck on scaffolding in a warehouse, with legit debris, nails, and tools everywhere for Hustler. We rocked it, and it’s a super hot scene!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into the industry?

Eva Long: My advice to anyone new. Find your niche own it. Have awareness and confidence in your decision. This is hard work. Long gone are the days of just doing scenes, if you want monetary/personal success you have to create your brand and then use the tools available to create your own content and then it’s a FT job! Have at least 3 sources of income for yourself at all times.

What hobbies & interests do you have outside of the adult industry?

Eva Long: My hobbies/interests outside of the industry are, family, friends, movies, music, art, hiking, and traveling!

Do you use sex toys? If so which ones?

Eva Long: I use a rabbit, it is my bff!!

To date which porn scene are you most proud of, and why?

Eva Long: I am most proud of getting through the long days lol!! For example just shot for Penthouse 2 months ago. It was a 4 couple orgy. Took 13 hours to shoot but it was incredible and the scene is available now and looks amazing! Everyone on set that worked their asses off! Me And My Stepmom Had An Orgy (2019) | Adult DVD Empire.

Do you watch porn? If so what type?

Eva Long: I used to watch Belladonna and Sasha Grey, but I don’t really watch porn anymore no reason really lol.

If you were interviewing a pornstar what would you ask them? & answer this question

Eva Long: I would ask all the male performers with 6 packs, and they know who they are…what’s your workout routine for those things!!

What really turns you on?

Eva Long: Confidence, good hygiene, blue eyes, and passion turn me on!

Who, within the adult industry would you like to nominate to answer these questions?

Eva Long: I nominate the following Jade Nile, Diana Grace, and Serene Siren!

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