PRP XMas Party

My Favorite Pornstar attended the PRP (Paul Raymond Publications) XMas Party 2018.

The annual PRP (Paul Raymond Publications) XMas Party, was held in the Platinum Lace Gentleman’s Club, Coventry St, London (see map below). Paul Raymond Publications are behind  Razzle, Club, Men Only, Mayfair and Escort Adult Magazines and websites.

Complementary drinks (Sponsored by AdultWork) were offered on arrival, where regular guests mingled with strippers and the UK’s Adult Entertainment fraternity. Although not the busiest event in the industries diary it provided those within the industry a chance to catch up and network. Strippers danced and socialized with guests offering private dances.

Adult performers & influencers who attended 
  • Longwood 
  • Max Deeds
  • Pascal White
  • Sam Bourne 
  • Luna Toxic
  • Rhiannon Ryder 
  • Belle O’Hara
  • Dru Hermes
  • Shooting Star 
  • Antonio Black
  • Mark Hassle
  • Terry Stevens
  • Marc Kaye 
  • Rose Talks Sex
  • Colin Chapman
  • Elizabeth Romanov
  •  Cat Collar

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