What are your stats/measurements?

Scarlett Mae: 34C-30-42 Height- 5’11Weight-150

How did you start within the industry?

Scarlett Mae: I started in the adult industry 4 years ago. I’m from a small town where there’s not much to do so I wanted an adventure. Porn has definitely given me that.

How did you create the name?

Scarlett Mae: I actually chose my name from some baby name list online minutes before my first shoot. I hadn’t been very prepared.

Scarlett Mae & Bill Bailey
Scarlett Mae & Bill Bailey

What do you enjoy most about being a pornstar?

Scarlett Mae: I enjoy those rare shoots where I get to dress up in a really cool outfit, say fun lines, and make art.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Scarlett Mae: In 5 years, I see myself as a 30 year old with an even better ass. I’ll probably live in the woods or something.

What’s your favorite sexual position on & off camera & why?

Scarlett Mae: My favorite position off camera is 69 but that doesn’t look great on camera. I think I look hot in standing doggy because I have long legs to show off.

Are there any sex acts that you want to shoot?

Scarlett Mae: Hi I’m

Which pornstar would you most like to work with?

Scarlett Mae: Hi I’m

What would you change about the adult industry?

Scarlett Mae: I’d like to see self-booking in the porn industry become the norm. The best reason to have an agent is that many companies are hesitant to hire independent talent. I want that to change.

Has the stigma around the adult industry affected you?

Scarlett Mae: The stigma caused a feeling of isolation that hurt for awhile and then i just kind of got used to it and thought “Fuck you, society. Never liked you, anyway”.

What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve been asked to do during a shoot?

Scarlett Mae: Would have to be when I was asked if could wipe my tongue on a towel because the guy liked “dry blowjobs”

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into the industry?

Scarlett Mae: I’d tell them to go with their gut. To not be persuaded into anything.

What hobbies & interests do you have outside of the adult industry?

Scarlett Mae: I don’t really have any hobbies. This is always my least favorite question. I guess I just like to have adventures.

Have you ever been grossed out during a shoot and if so how did you handle it?

Scarlett Mae: Usually if I’m grossed out in a scene, it’s by the man’s cum. Some semen just doesn’t seem healthy for you.

Scarlett Mae & Codey Steele
Scarlett Mae & Codey Steele

Do you use sex toys? If so which ones?

Scarlett Mae: I use metal kegel balls and a vibrator. Both at the same time feels amazing.

To date which porn scene are you most proud of & why?

Scarlett Mae: I’m not sure if “proud” is the right word, but I humped a giant teddy bear for one scene and it was a blast. I humped the stuffing outta that bear.

Do you watch porn? If so what type?

Scarlett Mae: I don’t watch porn. I like to use my imagination.

If you were interviewing a pornstar what would you ask them? & answer this question

Scarlett Mae: I would ask them what their favorite thing to do when they unwind after a shoot is. My answer- get high in the bathtub and listen to jazz.

What really turns you on? 

Scarlett Mae: People with strong tongues turn me on.

Who within the adult industry, would you like to nominate to answer these questions?

Scarlett Mae: I nominate Anny Aurora.

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