Tell us a bit about yourself?

Paul Stalker: I am an average 42 y.o Belgian guy, a little bit like the “boy next door”. I started as an actor in 2018. I just shot a few scene for Belgian, Netherlands, German and French productions. I had a full time job at that time, working as sales manager in good industry. So I was just doing this as an hobby, for fun. Obviously not for money, as male talents are under paid in the business, especially in those small productions in the Countries I mentioned (maybe only in the U.S or as full time actor in the European Countries it might possible nowadays to make a living of this as a guysm in my opinion…!). Anyway, I quickly came to the conclusion after one last disastrous shoot as an actor for some other director that I didn’t like to be directed! But I still Inside of me I was a good performer, I know how to handle things on set, and I am a quick learner, I have been observing on other productions how to do things, the details to pay attention to, etc….

I shot a first “pilot scene” in my living room between the 2 big pandemic lockdowns. I took profit of this free time and lazy moments at home durring lockdown to learn about the industry, to film, a little bit of editing, bit about this last point I also came to the conclusion it was a part of the job I am not good with and don’t like it. So now I have hired people to take care of that part of the work. 

When it has been more easy again to travel across Europe around May, I took off for my first shootin trip and shot my first Hungarian girks in Budapest hired through some models agencies. I want to add something, a little touch of myself to create a context of meeting a girl so I came up with the idea of being a “fake tourist” doing city trips all around the continent, filming himself for some blog and meeting girls in the street while filing himself then bringing her back to the hotel under a stupid reason! (Laugh)! Porn life…!  

How many scenes has Stalker Studios shot?

Paul Stalker: I shot around 100 scenes since last May 2021, when I started to travel around Europe in order to shoot the most beautiful models. Since then, I also shoot in my own home studio in my house in Belgium 

What do you remember from your first scene?

Paul Stalker: I started in Belgium in 2018, my very first scene was with the Belgian actress Cathy Crown. I shot 3 scenes in a row for her, then I started to get hired for some bigger paid work.

Paul Stalker & Eveline Dellai
Paul Stalker & Eveline Dellai

It sounds like a dream job editing porn, whats it really like?

Paul Stalker: The answer is almost in the question: it’s a JOB! So like in every jobs, there are sometimes issues, bad days, unforeseen circumstances out of your control,… Nothing to really complain about, but if you self-produce yourself like I do, this job isn’t just about having sex with beautiful girls. It’s more than this. 

Which adult movie that you’ve been involved with either production of filming are you most proud of?

Paul Stalker: Probably the “Valentine’s Day Orgy” with 6 girls and 4 guys that made me win an Award last month in Prague at “Golden Adult Entertainment Awards”! It’s a little bit unreal to have in my house for a day models like Alexis Crystal, Billie Star, Katy Rose, Zuzu Sweet, Clara Mia, Cathy Crown… The most challenging scene I ever produced until now!

Is there a certain genre that you prefer to shoot?

Paul Stalker: I shoot a little bit of every kind of content, but I prefer to shoot my regular Hardcore “one-on-one” Boy Girl, and anal preferably!

What do you enjoy do you enjoy about working in the adult industry?

Paul Stalker: I have a double job: performer and producer/director so it’s a really complete job. Besides the sex itself which is really enjoyable, of course, there is all the organisation aspect, contact the models, negotiating with them or their agents, travelling if needed, making the promotion, marketing, being on social medias, etc… It’s really passionating and it makes my days really busy! 

What do you think makes a good adult movie?

Paul Stalker: The connection between the actors! It’s really important. If the chemistry is good, it usually makes great sex and a good result visible on screen! But this is the most unknown factor, you can never know this in advance if the performers never shot before together,…!

If readers would like to watch your movies where should they look?

Paul Stalker: is going to pop up to the face of the world soon! In the meantime, you can look for STALKER PRODZ on Legalporno website.

Paul Stalker & Mina Moreno
Paul Stalker & Mina Moreno

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Paul Stalker: Winning an AVN Award in Las Vegas for “Best Foreign Production” or some category like this would be a great achievement.

Which pornstars would you like to work with?

Paul Stalker: In Europe: Barbie Sins, Blanche Bradbury, Tina Kay, Angel Wicky,.. From Australia, but often coming to Europe: Isabelle Deltore…! (And the most terrible thing is that, at the moment I am answering this interview, I am in Prague, she is in Prague, but she is so fully booked that I still can’t shoot her this time…!! I hope a next time she will be coming in Europe…) In the USA: all of them!!

Who, within the adult industry would you like to nominate to answer these questions?

Paul Stalker: My friend Ashley More from Belgium will certainly be pleased to answer an interview. You can interview Belgian new model Alexis Diamanti.

Weed or alcohol?


I am from Belgium so Beer.


Tattoo or piercing?


Tattoos. I have several. I need to take appointment to finish my arm.


Masturbate or break pornstar?


I masturbate (really few for a bit less than one year, but still a little bit!) when I am not “breaking” (I prefer to say “making love by destroying them”…) a pornstar!!

Where do you like to cum in pussy or on face?




Lick pussy or rimming?


Ass rimming on me on screen, but pussy licking in private life! I could do that for hours… but in Porn, it’s not really visually attractive and a bit boring to watch.


Meat or vegan?



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