Tell us a bit about yourself

Ryan X: My name is Ryan, I was born in Southern Italy but I live in Milan. I’m an independent director of alternative porn. I’m also a performer, as I acted in more than 15 videos with international productions.

You’re a producer of adult movies, what does that involve?

Ryan X: In this pandemic period, it involve a long, relaxing, frustrating stop.
In normal days, it’s all about searching for new models (or known ones) that fit in my productions, booking, shooting, editing and promoting my stuff.

How did you get into producing adult movies?

Ryan X: I started doing webcam shows alone, then with my girlfriend. We opened a first account on Twitter to promote our shows, so a small agency introduced us to Andy Casanova, one of the most important Italian porn directors. We did our first video for him then our career started. After some months, I tried to produce my first homemade clips and things went on and on.

Who have you produced movies for?

Ryan X: I co-produced some clips for Little Caprice and for some Italian productions, such as SpicyLab Prod. But mostly, I’ve produced movies for my own production.

Which adult movie that you’ve been involved with either the production or filming are most proud of?

Ryan X: As a performer, I’m very proud of the scene I did for Little Caprice. It’s titled “Devoted Love” and I played with Mia Casanova. It’s a very elegant scene and it’s really my favorite so far. As a director I love many of my works. I’m proud of the clip I did with Rae Lil Black, who’s now one of the most known pornstars out there, or the very first time on camera of Sara Bell, the Italian performer who’s now one of the main stars in Legal Porno.

Is there a certain genre that you prefer to produce?

Ryan X: I like to say I produce “alternative porn” because I focus my videos on facial expressions, on feelings, on lights and colors. And I love to make artistic experiments with sexuality, lights and some performers. 

What’s the worst thing that’s happened while editing?

Ryan X: I’m actually a very messy guy, and the worst thing that happened is when I found out, while I was editing a very nice foot fetish clip, that I’d lost the cumshot part. It’s gone. I don’t know where, but without it I can’t finish the clip. And yes, this is bad!

What do you enjoy about working in the adult entertainment industry?

Ryan X: One of the best things is that I discovered very nice people. I met some of my teenage dreams, I worked with some of them and this is really cool.

What do you think makes a good adult movie?

Ryan X: Editing and good lights can turn a nice video into a great one. But of course, it’s not only this. In my opinion, an adult movie shouldn’t be only “two or more guys having sex”. Mental involvement should be one of the main things, and you can get it with a plot, with a good acting and with good ideas.

Have you been nominated or won any awards?

Ryan X: No, it never happened. But I have time…

What would you change within the adult industry?

Ryan X: The adult industry is very close to the music industry. There are major labels and famous rockstars, but if you look closer you can see a huge ocean of small productions and talented performers that need their chance. Sometimes the adult industry is a real “factory” where you are just one body of a million others. Porn, like music, changed after the rise of the internet, so looking desperately for the easy way to earn money makes you produce bad stuff. People in this industry should think about this.

If readers would like to watch your movies where should they look?

Ryan X: I’m about to open my official website, but at the moment all of my works are available (at a very small price) on my ManyVids channel (

What specific video editing equipment do you use?

Ryan X: I have an old Mac and Final Cut Pro. But sometimes I can even use iMovies or some other smartphone apps, if I need some “retro” or “amateur” styling.

What's the most difficult phase of producing an adult movie?

Ryan X: Honesty, for an independent producer, the most difficult part is to find the money for the performers’ fee. Sometimes it’s cool to find someone available for content sharing, but it’s not so usual. The more you sell, the more you can pay performers, and in this period where anyone wants free porn, things are difficult.

Is editing adult material different from mainstream & why?

Ryan X: Editing adult contents is not so different from the mainstream ones, in my opinion. The most different part is the promotion. Unluckily we’re living a kind of “sexophobic” times and some social medias don’t give us the chance to promote our contents because of censorship. And promotion is everything, in this industry.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ryan X: I will probably be in a bigger house, with a bigger family, but I will be still here trying to make the difference.

If someone wanted to get into video editing was advice would you offer?

Ryan X: You should study and make your own experiences. You should watch online tutorials and shoot as much as you can, because your first works will be sh*t (mine was). Money won’t come back easily, but if you have passion and good ideas, you can be part of the difference.

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