Tell us a bit about yourself?

Ryan Hussie: I’m a pretty easy going guy. Got a huge heart. Apparently too big for my own good haha. In my free time you can catch me playing ping pong, bowling, top golf, and feeding the homeless.

How many performers do you represent?

Ryan Hussie: I manage a total of 20 performers. 2 guys 18 girls 1 trans performer.

Who was the first performer that you represented?

Ryan Hussie: Chloe Temple was my absolute first that I signed.

How has the industry changed from an agents perspective?

Ryan Hussie: It’s definitely taught me many things. Prior to being an agent I was a talent scout. But since being brought on by Riley(owner of Hussie) it has definitely changed my life. And I’m super thankful/grateful.

Can you tell us a funny story about the industry?

Ryan Hussie: Oh man. I can’t really think of too much. Other then I went to a Halloween porn party dressed as Guy Fieri. And people actually thought I was him.

What’s the best thing about being an agent?

Ryan Hussie: My absolute high for doing what I do. Is watching the models I manage be able to take their dream vacations, buy their dream car, make their living situation better. Because we work hard as a team!

What’s the worst thing about being an agent?

Ryan Hussie: Having no days off.

What do you look for in an adult performer?

Ryan Hussie: Attitude is number one thing I look for. If you have a good attitude with your head on right and your personality is outgoing, that’s what really captures my attention. Obviously looks are something that definitely needs to be taken in consideration.

Do you cooperate with other agents or is there a rivalry?

Ryan Hussie: Honestly this is probably my most favorite question that you’ve asked. If it wasn’t for COVID-19 happening. I think we’d still be in the same spot. Distant.. But because of COVID-19 it has brought agents together, working together. And I really really appreciate that. It helps us keep the model safer. And it makes it easier to reach out to each other if we do have a question. 

What’s the future for the adult industry?

Ryan Hussie: If I was a time traveler I could tell you that answer. Lol

Have Hussie ever ceased working with a performer and if so why?

Ryan Hussie: I personally have never been in that situation so for me no.

How many performers that you represent have won awards?

Ryan Hussie: Considering I’ve only been an agent for two years. I think in total I’ve had three models win awards.

Ryan Hussie was interviewed by Lior

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