Tell us a bit about yourself?

Mary Rider: I was born yesterday, on a winter morning that awaits for the sun and spring. I have a unique and indefinite age, that of the women than know what she wants. I love the shades of the rainbow, expecially when they approach the passionate shades of fuxia. I am an italian porn model, but I wasn’t always like that. I began in porn movies six years ago only, when I just was a milf.
Before that, I was an event organizer, a press office but especially a journalist and a writer. I was a brunette intellectual business woman thinking about job and family till about 2013

What are your stats/measurements?

Mary Rider: My bra is 34D. Jeans 40 (Italian syze). Height 160 cm and weight 57 kg. I have and athletic body, because of training and running every day.

How did you start within the industry?

Mary Rider: It was a joke. A friend of mine asked my husband and I to make an amature movie, and it seems easy and funny. After that, we was unaware host in an international fair, ErosPorto, on march 2014 . But it was fun to make liveshow on the stage and I told me: why not? So I started to contact all the italian producers for shooting. First of all Rocco Siffredi. Everything happens on July 2014, when Rocco Siffredi Porn Academy and my porn career began at the same time .

How did you create the name?

Mary Rider: Mary is my real name.  I am a biker. Bike Rider and Cock Rider.

What do you enjoy most about being a pornstar?

Mary Rider: I enjoy when people recognize me  on the streat but are ashamed to approach, out of shame or fear of disturbung

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Mary Rider: Because of Covid period, I am used thinking day by day. Last year I started planning my career for longer period but I, and all the world at the same time, was forced to put apart lot of project and business. But of course, sometimes fantasy run away and, why not, I imagine…. In 5 years it should be the time to change work again. I could began a politician….LOL

What's your favorite sexual position on & off camera & why?

Mary Rider: My life seems often similar on and off the camera, because of my partner: he is a porn actor like me, so we cannot wait for “normal” sex long time. We start making love but in few minutes we need more and we experiment with new positions or situations felt on porn set. 

Which pornstar would you most like to work with?

Mary Rider: I’d like to work again with Valentina  Nappi. She is a very professional model and I think I can have much more to learn with her. But…. Angela White and Joanna Angel. Of course, I love brunette big boobs stars because of my blonde long hair. It should be like day and night, light and dark, angel and devil, ying and yang.

What would you change about the adult industry?

Mary Rider: Porn seems a strange world where everything could happens.
It is really a strange work where every kind of persons (model, agent, video makers, amateur, bitch, businessmen cheaters and exploiters) stay shoulder to shoulder trying to materialize a dream. I’d like a clear job recognition for Sex workers in all the world.

Mary Rider, Maicol Hunter & Lele Garbo
Mary Rider, Maicol Hunter & Lele Garbo

Have you ever been grossed out during a shoot, and if so how did you handle it?

Mary Rider: I only accept shooting I am sure I like to do. Of course, I like to experiment new feeling but step by step. I had  been grossed on my first and unique  extreme bondage video. It was a strange emotion to stay tied up immovable all the time because of my dominant nature, so I never repeated that kind of shooting.

Has the stigma around the adult industry affected you?

Mary Rider: Expecially in my country, Italy, pornography is an indelebile mark printed on the skin. It is why I thought long time before starting this new phase of my life : family, friends, work, society no longer see you with the same eyes and I had to work long time to build my new image in the society like a pretty and ambitious business woman that knows what she wants

Are there any sex acts that you want to shoot?

Mary Rider: I am looking for a gang bang with lot of big cock guys for me only. A shower of cum after hard-core fucking. Interracial should be the best.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into the industry?

Mary Rider: Pornactor seems always reach, happy and lucky traveling around the world and meeting lot of people on fair and party. All the life seems a movie but it isn’t always so lucky and happy. Like on football everyone can try, but how many football players are Messi?
I always says Pornactor is a nice opportunity if you wanna feel new sensation, but if you want it become a work you have to organize your life and your body for that, studying and exercising all the time because in front of the camera it isn’t like in a private life and also the best love could felt witought humility.

What hobbies & interests do you have outside of the adult industry?

Mary Rider: I am a biker and I love to get up in the morning, take my pretty moto and start a new travel without any reservation or program. I choose the country, I look for the panoramic road, I stop in the city along the way for touristic attractions and when the sunset.
Because of lock down I also began loving training and running. So I can feel my body in a new way too.

Do you use sex toys? If so which ones?

Mary Rider: I love so much sex and masturbation for orgasms than I decided to have a sexyshop too! In this way I can choose my favorite toys in advance at cheaper price. You cannot ask me about my favorite: every toy stimulate a different area and day by day I take a different toys because of feeling I Wanna take in that moment

What's the weirdest thing that you’ve been asked to do during a shoot?

Mary Rider: It happened few days ago. They asked me to eat a goldfish… I told no thanks because pornography is looking for the pleasure of Models and viewers but I don’t know how some violence could be exciting.

Do you watch porn? If so what type?

Mary Rider: I watch porn often, not only because of my work. When I am alone in my bed and I am looking for something exiting before masturbation I look for movies. If I’m going to wake up in the morning I look for hard-core for personal motivation. In the night before sleeping I prefer lesbian for a sweet dream.

To date which porn scene are you most proud of, and why?

Mary Rider: I’m not only a model. I am also a creative producer. A few years ago, when I was redhead, I started a porn saga with a manga hero. Lady LaDa. In Italian means similar to Lady DoIt. I thought italian people was looking for porn comics on Manga version but Italian style. With female hero and male antihero. With twist but always with porn happy end!

If you were interviewing a pornstar what would you ask them? & answer this question.

Mary Rider: I should have lot of questions because before being porn actress I was a journalist but, for sure, I ‘d like to know what’ s the most big emotion in the carrier. Personally, I love adrenalin in my body first time I was on the stage before everything should starts. My doubts about what it could happen when people look for me and the music start. Every time I feel the same emotion and I will go on to do this work till I get the same happiness.

What really turns you on?

Mary Rider: I burn at the idea of any new adventure and experiments. Think pissing was my taboo till last month but I won myself doing it with two BBC to turn my dubt in a fire

Who, within the adult industry would you like to nominate to answer these questions?

Mary Rider: I’d interview Moona Snake. She is new in this world and it is no much time she is feeling lot of new emotion. But it is lot of time her fire was waiting and I wish she will go on burning for long time.

Weed or alcohol?


Wine or vodka?

Wine.I am italian!

Tattoo or piercing?


Tattoo in ass or pussy?

No. I have a big bird… but on my leg.

Fuck a fan or masturbate?

Both of them could be better.

What a size dick a fan?

No less than 18 cm.

Masturbate with dildo or fingers?

Big dildo.

Orgy or gang bang?

Orgy is more dynamic I think. I can choose what I like.

Lick pussy or suck dick?

I do both of them but I prefer suck dick.

Meat or vegan?


What’s your fav food?

I am from Napoli. I love pizza. But also spaghetti with seafood.

Mary Rider was interviewed by Lior

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