Tell us a bit about yourself

Holly Ruprecht: I live in Los Angeles, love my life here! Have a new rescue puppy and good friends in and out of the

Tell us about your carrer journey before working for Playboy

Holly Ruprecht: I have been in adult for over 20 years. I started on the gay side of the business and worked for big brands like before Playboy my last gig was Hustler.

Can you tell us about Playboy as an organisation?

Holly Ruprecht: We are a very flexible org, we are constantly looking at what is ahead and adjusting our sails. And we are a company that cares, about people and issues that matter ie Sex worker rights, LGBTQ rights and more!

What does your job involve as the Associate Director, Subscriptions at Playboy?

Holly Ruprecht: I do a lot of marketing, partner relations and also am the recruiter for Adult models.

XBiz Business Executive of the year 2017 & nominee 2018 & 2019 What do you think you did to win the award & be nominated?

Holly Ruprecht: I am not sure but I hope to do whatever that was and win it again!

Why did you chose to work within the adult industry?

Holly Ruprecht: I feel a kinship to the people in the biz, they do not judge. And they are some of the best most honest people I met.

What do you think Playboy brings to the Adult Industry?

Holly Ruprecht: We are an iconic brand, that helped the adult get solid roots. We fought for the freedom of speech and celebrate the beauty of women all sizes and shapes.

Playboy traditionally was ‘the iconic' magazine (years ago) how has it progressed with the internet?

Holly Ruprecht: We still have great articles, and wonderful pictures we are just delivering them in a format more people consume content with!

Were you fortunate to meet Hugh Hefner?

Holly Ruprecht: Yes, I met him 4 times at the mansion. He was lovely.

Has the stigma around the adult industry affected you?

Holly Ruprecht: some women I want to date wont date me, thinking I am surrounded by naked pornstars. but other than that not so much I am super proud to be a part of this business.

Where do you see the future of the adult industry?

Holly Ruprecht: In the hands of the talent. More content from them on their terms, and on their schedule as it should be! I am excited to see!

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