My Favorite Pornstar: Tell us a bit about yourself?
Angel 3 Photography: I’m an Italian Photographer and I begin to make erotic pics in 2015 and step by step I begin to closing to porn to ti ll to begin producer too , its was normal for me, in my life I m shy, but no when I make pics Or video
My Favorite Pornstar: How did you get into the filming and production of adult movies?

 Angel 3 Photography: I begin because i was curios , so i try to ask to other pornstar If can help me , and non i have in clips4sale  more the 170 different clip. 

My Favorite Pornstar: Talk us through the production side of an adult movie from start to finish

Angel 3 Photography: Oh it’s not easy, I try when I produce one video I try to make fun situation and scene, I don’t want show only the sex ( sex is important but not all ) and i try to make all my models comfortable,I love easy and fun job.

My Favorite Pornstar: Talk us through the filming side of an adult movie from start to finish

Angel 3 Photography:  I think it s the same replay to Number 3 , becouse producer and make video going together

My Favorite Pornstar: It sounds like a dream job producing and filming porn, what’s the reality?

Angel 3 Photography: Yes the people out of this world think its 100% fun , its almost true , but You need to speak with the models , find location , clothes and write the scene , and after You need to work a lot of hours front of the personal computer , becouse You néed to show a great pics and video always , so almost fun when whe recording , but You need to work hard.

My Favorite Pornstar: Most people who watch porn watch Brazzers or similar big budget productions talk us through the process & limitations on a smaller or no budget production

Angel 3 Photography: When the budget is low You need to work a lot 🙂 , i m smaller producer , so i do all , i make pics , i recording the video , chiose the look , chiose the models , book flys and location , so i havent assistent , but for me it s fun do all , i love it .

My Favorite Pornstar: Many guys and few girls think they have what it takes to be a pornstar, in your experience what do they need?

Angel 3 Photography: I don’t think  the guys want to be pornactor becouse think only to do sex , They need to change this mentality , for the woman only If the giro are open mind can be a porngirl.

My Favorite Pornstar: Which adult movie that you’ve been involved with either the production or filming are you most proud of?

Angel 3 Photography: All really all , because I work hard to make videos, of course Work with Gina Gerson and Carolina Abril in the same scene was so amazing , two stars in the same room , really happy and lucky

My Favorite Pornstar: Is there a certain genre that you prefer to shoot?

Angel 3 Photography: For the pics i prefer erotic , becouse erotic of porn its more exciting .


My Favorite Pornstar: What’s the worst thing that’s happened while filming?

Angel 3 Photography: When the camera stop to work , Or tecnical problem , i dont lime have this problem when i begin to recording .


My Favorite Pornstar: What do you enjoy about working in the adult entertainment industry?

Angel 3 Photography: The travel , i love to travel and work in different place , i work in Miami , london , New York , rome , florence ( its my city) , barcelona Madrid tenerife budapest… And soon i ll make two new videos in Ibiza and netherlands .

My Favorite Pornstar: Who would you most like to work with?

Angel 3 Photography: Katrina Jade , she is amazing and she is the top … I just try to speak with her , Maybe one lucky day 🙂

My Favorite Pornstar: How long have you been producing and filming adult movies?

Angel 3 Photography: I begin in 2015 , so i m young producer

My Favorite Pornstar: What do you think makes a good adult movie?

Angel 3 Photography: I dont know LOL. I try to do fun porn , some time gentle some time rough, and i want to have my style , i dont live copy others idee.

My Favorite Pornstar: Have you been nominated or won any awards?

Angel 3 Photography: Never … I m too small producer 🙂

My Favorite Pornstar: What’s your main gripe with the adult entertainment industry?

Angel 3 Photography: I havent problem … Maybe only one … The people think to watch porn but without money … If the people dont purchase videos , little producer Like me can be stop to make porn.

My Favorite Pornstar: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened during the filming of an adult movie?

Angel 3 Photography: Make fetish scene ( kissing feets)

My Favorite Pornstar: Where’s the strangest place that you’ve shot an adult movie?

Angel 3 Photography: I’m Italian so, Budapest, London Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Barcelona Madrid and Tenerife


My Favorite Pornstar: What’s your favorite adult movie and why is it your favorite?

Angel 3 Photography: My favorite movie its a threesome lesbian with Carolina Abril , Sicilia and Danika Flores , becouse was my first big production , but also i love my videos with Carolina Abril in Miami and New York too.

My Favorite Pornstar: If you were interviewing yourself what would you ask? And answer that question…

Angel 3 Photography: Why You never went to Los Angeles ? Becouse i m little scare , Los Angeles is the best city to make porn

My Favorite Pornstar: If readers would like to watch your movies where should they look?

Angel 3 Photography: I sell my videos on clips4sale , manyvids and iwantclips , Angel3 is my name , i m sure They enjoy it.

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