My Favorite Pornstar: What are your stats/measurements?

Alex Saint: I’m 6′ 2″ with a 44″ chest, 31″ waist and weigh around 185 lbs.  I’ve just finished cutting my calories for more definition, so it’s time to hit the heavy weights and start eating like a horse again.

My Favorite Pornstar: How did you get into  the adult entertainment industry?

Alex Saint: In a way, unintentionally!  An experienced husband and wife couple I met through a shared hobby told me that they were looking to start a new, independent porn studio.  They knew I’d done some music and small-budget movie work, and asked me if I’d be interested in joining as a partner and producer.  The start was rocky (which ended up with me joining the male talent pool), but we got better at what we did and turned out some really hot scenes.

My Favorite Pornstar: What do you enjoy most about being a pornstar?

Alex Saint: There’s a lot of opportunity to get really creative with what you make.  There’s always a way to do something just that little bit different to everyone else, and really show who you are as a performer.  Well, that or I get to have sex with really, really hot women.

My Favorite Pornstar:  Do you work any other jobs other than being a pornstar?

Alex Saint: In the past, I never had porn as my primary or only job.  It was always “part-time porn” while I worked 40-60 hours a week on more everyday work.  Now, I’ve got the adult industry as my sole occupation.  I’ve never been more free or happy, even if I do work more than I did when I had a “regular job”.

My Favorite Pornstar:  What is your USP (unique selling point) what do you do differently or better than other pornstars?

Alex Saint: When I was living in the USA as a teenager, my British accent kept me balls-deep in cheerleaders.  Now that I’m back in the US, it’s definitely distinctive. 

My Favorite Pornstar:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Alex Saint: I’m sure I’ll still be doing porn. I started in porn back in 2002.  If you’re doing what you love, why change it?

My Favorite Pornstar:  What projects do you have set up for the next 6 months?

Alex Saint: At the end of January, I’m attending my very first AEE/AVN in Las Vegas. I’ve been on hiatus for a while, and now I’m starting all over with a new brand, so I’ve got a heap of shooting planned to give everyone some fresh, hot material… including some cosplays and a stack of hot hardcore.

My Favorite Pornstar:  What is your favorite sexual position on & off camera & why?

Alex Saint: On camera, you shoot whatever is going to look best.  Anything that doesn’t involve kneeling on hard surfaces for a long time is fine by me.  When the camera isn’t on, I think it’s hard to beat plain old missionary.  I always cum hardest in missionary.

My Favorite Pornstar: Which pornstar Would you most like to work with?

Alex Saint: Wow, there are so many.  I met Kissa Sins on a set earlier this year.  I’d love to work with her, as I think she might be the most genuinely cheerful human on the planet.  Angela White, Aaliyah Hadid, Kimber Lee and Rhiannon Ryder are on that list too.  Larkin Love is my number one, and I’m really lucky that I get to work with her all the time.

My Favorite Pornstar: Has another pornstar grossed you out & how did you handle it?

Alex Saint: No.  After seven years in the Army, there’s not much anyone can do that will gross me out.

My Favorite Pornstar: A day in the life of a pornstar – talk us through an average shoot day?

Alex Saint: I mostly work in indie, but it’s not that different to working for a mainstream studio.  A shoot day is generally:

 – Shower, shave everything to be shaved, and head to set (no cologne or strong-smelling stuff…  just clean).
 – Speak to the director to find out exactly what they want.
 – Complete all the paperworkModel releases, proof of talent testing, ID, etc.
 – Talk with your co-star(s) (because it could be the first time you’ve ever met them).
 – Shoot the scene.
 – Get paid.

The order on set can vary a little, but that’s the general experience.  In indie, you’ll also have other stuff to organise on set, unless you’ve hired a crew.

My Favorite Pornstar: Is sex with you off camera different to what you see on film & why?

Alex Saint: Sex on camera can be quite tightly scripted.  You’re told what to do and how long to do it.  You might be wearing fetish gear that you don’t find hot, but that’s what the director wants.  Sex in real life is a lot more free-form, and you can do whatever you and your partner enjoy.  One is a ballet and the other is the dance floor at a nightclub.

My Favorite Pornstar: Where can your fans see more of you?

Alex Saint: The best place to find out where I am and what I’m doing is on my Twitter (Links below)

My Favorite Pornstar:  Which adult entertainment videos have you appeared in?

Alex Saint: I’ve been in everything from digital media, to stunt dicking for some cam girls, and all the way back to VHS tapes!  Most of what I’ve shot has been independent, and almost everthing has been under different stage names.  Most of the content I appear in was for my company, MKA Heat.  I, or parts of me, have appeared in around 400 scenes so far.

My Favorite Pornstar: What sex toys do you use?

Alex Saint: I don’t use sex toys, but I’m willing to use whatever my partner likes used on them.

My Favorite Pornstar: Do you get recognized when you’re out & how do your fans react?

Alex Saint: It’s not that common because fans are mostly about the female porn stars, and I’ve always kept a low profile.  On the couple of times that is has happened, they’ve generally been really cool to meet.

My Favorite Pornstar: If you weren’t doing adult videos what would you be doing?

Alex Saint: I’d probably still be in the Army or doing something with motorcycles.  I used to race bikes, and really love being on two wheels.  I’m really good with my hands.  In either case, I’m sure I’d still be doing something creative with my time outside of work.

My Favorite Pornstar: What advice would you give to a male wanna be pornstar who wants to get into the industry?

Alex Saint: First, get your body game in tight order.  Nobody wants to see “dad bod” on a porn actor.  Second, get networking.  The more contacts you make, the better your chances of succeeding.

My Favorite Pornstar: Above but for a female?

Alex Saint: Again, get that body game on lock.  The better you look, the more chance you’ll be hired.

My Favorite Pornstar: What hobbies & interests do you have outside of the adult industry?

Alex Saint: My biggest passions are motorcycles and scuba diving.  I’ve been on some amazing journeys both on two wheels and under the water’s surface.  I also love to read, and I’m a pretty dab hand in the kitchen.  If you want to get laid, learn to cook well.

My Favorite Pornstar: To date which porn scene are you most proud of & why?

Alex Saint: I actually don’t like watching my own material, but I was really proud of a series I did with MKA Heat in 2004 called “Kameleon”.  I was in two scenes, directed one of them, and we got to do some really interesting and hot stuff with body paint. 

My Favorite Pornstar: Do you watch porn?

Alex Saint: Only very rarely.  It’s usually to get inspiration for future work.  I’d much rather make porn than watch it, but who wouldn’t?

My Favorite Pornstar: If you were interviewing a pornstar what would you ask them?

Alex Saint: Want to shoot some content and make money?

My Favorite Pornstar: What really turns you on?

Alex Saint: I’ll be blunt.  I’ve got a big boob fetish and an oral fixation, but I also really love beautiful eyes.

My Favorite Pornstar: Name some of the pornstars that you’ve worked with?

Alex Saint: Larkin Love, my fiancée, is the only well-known performer I’ve worked with.  To the best of my knowledge, the rest have all left the industry.  Porn is a tough gig, and competition is fierce unless you’re making your own content.

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